What is the difference between the eufy 2 and the eufy 2 Pro?

There are a few key differences between the eufy 2 and the eufy 2 Pro. The first is that the eufy 2 Pro has a slightly higher suction power, making it better for picking up larger debris. The second difference is that the eufy 2 Pro comes with a self-emptying base, which means you won’t have to worry about emptying the dustbin as often. Finally, the eufy 2 Pro also has a mopping function, which the regular eufy 2 does not have. Overall, the eufy 2 Pro is a slightly more powerful and convenient version of the regular eufy 2.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is the difference between the eufy 2 and the eufy 2 Pro?

  2. eufyCam 2 Pro quality They both get a 365-day charge (the use of HomeKit Secure Video will lower that slightly), rated for outdoor use, work with HomeKit, have a 140° field of view, and more. The main difference is that the eufyCam 2 Pro records at a 2K resolution while the eufyCam 2 records in 1080p. [1]

  3. How long does the battery in EufyCam 2 Pro lasts up to?

  4. The company says that the EufyCam 2 Pro can last for 365 days from just one charge, if the camera records around 300 seconds of footage per day. [2]

  5. Is Eufy a Chinese company?

  6. Take Eufy Security Camera’s, this is a brand name that’s stuck on a Chinese made camera and owned by a leading Chinese Company. [3]

  7. Which is the best EufyCam?

  8. TechRadar Verdict The EufyCam 2 Pro is one of the best value 2K home security camera kits on the market. Simple to use, it records clear, detailed footage and offers the addition of local storage through the base station, so a subscription isn’t necessary. [4]

  9. Are Eufy cameras always recording?

  10. All Eufy cameras can not record continuously. However, the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K and the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K Pro are two exemptions that seem to have such capabilities. In addition, the Video Doorbell can record for five days straight. [5]

  11. Which Eufy camera is the newest?

  12. The Eufy Security SoloCam E40 is a step up from the 1080p model E20 and delivers video resolution of 2K. The six new outdoor cameras announced today share some common features, including 8GB of onboard storage that eliminates the need for an onsite hub or a cloud storage account. [6]

  13. What’s the difference between EufyCam 2 and 2C?

  14. The EufyCam 2 does have two features that are superior to what the EufyCam 2C offers: longer battery life and anti-theft protection. That extra cost over the EufyCam 2C will net you double the battery life — 12 months on the EufyCam 2 versus six months on the EufyCam 2C — although it’ll vary depending on your settings. [7]

  15. How far can Eufy camera be from base station?

  16. The Eufy camera can be placed 300 feet from its Homebase, and there are Wi-Fi extenders that you can buy to extend this range. Your Wi-Fi extender’s field will depend on the type of product you buy, as well as your internet bandwidth. [8]

  17. Does Eufy cameras send data to China?

  18. I am curious about the answer(s). My eufycam homebase is absolutey sending data back to China. Potentially not the videos themselves, but it’s absolutely using a Chinese DNS server for name resolution – I have the firewall logs to prove it. [9]


When it comes to the eufy 2 and the eufy 2 Pro, there really is no difference. Both are great vacuum cleaners that will get the job done. However, if you are looking for a little bit more power, then you may want to go with the Pro.

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