What does pre wired for security system mean?

A pre-wired security system means that the wiring for the security system has been installed in your home before you move in. This is different from a wireless security system, which uses batteries and sensors that communicate with a central control panel wirelessly. Pre-wired security systems are typically easier to install and have fewer false alarms than wireless systems.

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  1. What does pre wired for security system mean?

  2. Wired systems are connected to your home’s electrical unit, and need to be in sync with your landline connection so that you can get in touch with the base station for assistance. If your home is pre-wired and you need to add new equipment to the system, you can do so without much of a hassle. [1]


Pre-wired security system means that the home is already wired for a security system. This is usually done during construction of the home, but can also be done after the fact. There are many benefits to having a pre-wired security system, including peace of mind and increased security. While there are some disadvantages, such as the need to find a qualified installer, overall a pre-wired security system is a great option for homeowners.

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