What camera does CPI use?

In CPI, we use a number of different cameras to help us capture the perfect image. We have a variety of DSLRs, Mirrorless cameras, and even some point-and-shoot cameras. Each one has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and we use them all to get the best results possible.

No matter what camera we’re using, though, we always make sure to get the perfect shot. Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or a once-in-a-lifetime event, we want to make sure that we capture it in all its glory. And that’s why we use the best cameras available to us.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What camera does CPI use?

  2. With the inTouch 180™ Indoor Camera being CPI Security’s latest device, you can snag one when you set up a new smart home of your own or easily add it to an existing system.10 Oct 2018 [1]

  3. Can I add cameras to my CPI system?

  4. Yes, you can upgrade your system with the latest smart home technology for protection, control and convenience. Add smart locks, garage door control, doorbell cameras, 24/7 recorded video and more. [2]

  5. Which is better ring or CPI?

  6. Ring’s month to month monitoring services are also much cheaper than the average month to month cost compared to other security companies. However, CPI offers a more premium control panel, nicer add-on equipment, and contracts which cuts down on upfront costs.19 Nov 2020 [3]

  7. Do CPI cameras record all the time?

  8. In addition to recording continuously, cameras with this function can also capture footage based on personalized event-based rules.12 Apr 2022 [4]

  9. Who is better CPI or ADT?

  10. Both companies require professional installation. ADT offers a Quality Service Plan for its equipment that has been professionally installed. CPI Select, on the other hand, offers a 12-month warranty on its equipment. [5]

  11. Is CPI Security good?

  12. CPI Security has over 25 years of experience providing home security systems nationwide, holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and has 24/7 customer service. [6]

  13. Does CPI charge for the equipment?

  14. CPI Price & Packages CPI Security costs $499.99 for a basic equipment package. Thankfully you can finance the equipment for as little as $9 per month upon credit approval. CPI Security also requires professional monitoring that costs $29.99, $39.99, or $49.99 per month depending on the plan you choose.23 Feb 2022 [7]

  15. Is vivint better than CPI?

  16. Vivint has a lot of great basic equipment that connects wireless to their modern-day touchscreen control panel. CPI Security also has a full colored touchscreen control panel, but their control panel has more features than that of Vivint’s full colored touchscreen control panel.22 Apr 2020 [8]

  17. Are CPI cameras Wireless?

  18. CPI Mesh Network In addition to evenly spreading your WiFi connection throughout your home, you’ll also have more control over your family’s screen time, internet usage, and online safety. [9]

  19. Does CPI work without wifi?

  20. CPI Security is for homeowners and renters alike. They offer wireless equipment, which is preferred by many homeowners and perfect for renters because there’s no need to drill walls or hardwire anything to a security box. They also offer cellular monitoring, which works without landline or internet.30 July 2019 [10]

  21. Does CPI Security require WIFI?

  22. Does CPI Security require Wi-Fi? Some equipment, like window sensors, do not require Wi-Fi connectivity, but certain systems, including the inTouch SmartHub panel, require Wi-Fi connectivity to operate. [11]

  23. Can I use CPI equipment with another company?

  24. If your existing control panel is made by another company, you can still check with Link for the final word on compatibility. Also, take note that even if your control panel is supported, other components such as security cameras and smoke sensors might not work with Link.30 July 2019 [12]

  25. Does the CPI camera whistle?

  26. When CPI’s latest technology detects a person within the camera’s view, the AI-powered outdoor camera whistles or makes an alarm sound (user’s choice) and flashes a light to warn the person they’re being recorded.4 Jan 2022 [13]

  27. Does CPI have carbon monoxide detectors?

  28. CPI offers seamless, hassle-free installation with end-to-end service from vetted and trained technicians. Whether you’re outfitting a two-bedroom bungalow or a multi-floor mansion, our team of experienced professionals will fit your home with properly installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.31 Dec 2021 [14]


After careful consideration, we have decided that the best camera for CPI is the one in your pocket! That’s right, we are now using smart phone cameras to take all of our photos. We believe that this will allow us to be more spontaneous and capture more natural moments.

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We know that some of you may be skeptical, but we promise that you won’t be disappointed with the results. So go ahead and pull out your phones the next time you want to take a picture and let us know what you think!

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