Is there a live Earth Cam?

A live Earth cam is a webcam that captures images of Earth from space in real-time. The first live Earth cam was launched in 1998 by the Space Shuttle Discovery, and since then, there have been a number of live Earth cams launched by different organizations and countries.

Despite the name, live Earth cams don’t actually show live footage of the entire planet. Instead, they focus on specific areas or landmarks. For example, the International Space Station has a live Earth cam that captures images of Europe and Africa. And there are also several live Earth cams pointed at popular tourist destinations like Times Square in New York City.

So if you’re ever curious about what certain parts of the world look like from space, be sure to check out a live Earth cam!

There is a live Earth Cam! This is an amazing tool that allows you to view the planet in real time. You can see the sun rise and set, the clouds move across the sky, and the stars twinkle at night. It’s an incredible experience to witness our planet in motion.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is there a live Earth Cam?

  2. Grab your warmest jacket and travel to the Arctic Circle with EarthCam’s live streaming webcam! [1]

  3. Are there any free live Webcams?

  4. HDOnTap | Free Live Streaming Webcams From Around The World. [2]

  5. How do I view live cameras on Google Earth?

  6. You can use Live View navigation during the walking portion of any type of trip.On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .In the search bar, enter a destination or tap it on the map.Tap Directions .Above the map in the travel mode toolbar, tap Walking .In the bottom center, tap Live View .More items.. [3]


There is no live Earth Cam, but there are plenty of ways to get your fix of live earth footage. If you’re looking for a live earth cam, your best bet is to head to one of the many online space agencies and look for their live feed. You can also find plenty of live earth footage on YouTube, and if you’re really lucky, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of the International Space Station as it passes overhead. So while there’s no live Earth Cam, there’s still plenty of ways to get your fill of our beautiful planet.

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