Is security camera footage deleted?

Most people assume that security camera footage is automatically deleted after a certain amount of time. However, this is not always the case. Security camera footage can be stored indefinitely, depending on the type of system that is in place.

There are two main types of security camera systems: analog and digital. Analog systems use videotape to record footage, which can be stored for years. Digital systems use a hard drive or other type of storage device to save footage. These files can be kept indefinitely as well.

So, if you’re wondering if security camera footage is deleted after a certain amount of time, the answer is: it depends on the system that is in place.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is security camera footage deleted?

  2. Even if any video is deleted, it does not get erased permanently and the video data still remains on the hard drive unless overwritten. There are companies who can recover formatted, deleted and overwritten data on hard drives. You may search online for hard drive recovery services. [1]

  3. How long do house cameras keep footage?

  4. Home security cameras often store only a week or two of footage. The standard for hotels, supermarkets, construction companies, and similar medium sized applications is around 30 to 90 days. For larger enterprises, it is often recommended to store footage for 3 months. [2]

  5. Can deleted security footage be recovered?

  6. If your CCTV footage is lost or has got deleted due to unfortunate reasons and you need to recover it, then you will need a photo recovery software to restore deleted CCTV footage. You can download the free demo version of the Stellar Photo Recovery software to preview your recovered CCTV footage before saving it. [3]

  7. How often are security cameras deleted?

  8. Most security camera footage is stored for 30 to 90 days. This is true for hotels, retail stores, supermarkets, and even construction companies. Banks keep security camera footage for up to six months to comply with industry regulatory requirements. [4]

  9. Do house cameras record?

  10. Most home security cameras are motion-activated and will record when they detect motion, as well as send you an alert. Some can record 24/7, which is known as continuous video recording (CVR). [5]

  11. Can you recover overwritten CCTV footage?

  12. Overwritten files mean videos or images were deleted from the storage drive and then another footage was written (saved) upon that unused file cluster on the storage drive. So clearly speaking, it is impossible to restore overwritten CCTV footage. [6]

  13. How do you know if a security camera is recording?

  14. Log in to your security camera software Log in to your security camera software to check whether you can view the live streaming. Thus you can check if your security camera is on or working. For example, you can turn on your monitor to see whether your IP security camera is recording videotape. [7]

  15. How long does Walmart keep their security footage?

  16. The usual retention term for most in-store surveillance footage at Walmart is 6 months to 1 year. However, this varies by shop. You must either phone the particular Walmart store or ask for the shop manager at the help service desk if you want to request or watch any Walmart surveillance footage. [8]

  17. Who can look at CCTV footage?

  18. Who can view CCTV footage? All footage should be secured by a nominated data controller. They need to ensure that nobody else views the video data, without good reason to do so. Anybody who has been caught on camera has the right to see the footage, in which they are identifiable. [9]

  19. How do I get my security cameras back footage?

  20. Method 1: Use MiniTool to Recover CCTV/DVR RecordingsStep 1: Connect the CCTV/DVR Hard Drive/SD Card to the PC and Open the Software. .. Step 2: Select the Target Drive to Scan. .. Step 3: Select Your Wanted Videos to Recover. .. Step 4: Save the Selected Videos to Your Specified Path. .. Situation 1: Recover from CCTV/DVR hard drive.More items..• [10]

  21. How often does CCTV overwrite?

  22. When CCTV footage is recorded, it is saved on a local hard disc, or a cloud server, or an offsite server. In most cases, after 15 days or a month depending upon the storage available in the DVR/NVR, old data is overwritten by fresh data by default, and thus old data is no longer available. [11]

  23. Can you recover deleted recordings from a DVR?

  24. Recover a Deleted Program Use the arrow buttons to highlight Recordings then arrow down to Recently Deleted. Use the arrow buttons to select the deleted program to recover and press OK. Select Recover and press OK to restore the program. [12]


No, security camera footage is not deleted. It is stored on a hard drive or in the cloud and can be accessed at any time by authorized personnel.

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So there you have it. Security camera footage is not deleted, but is instead stored on a hard drive or in the cloud. This means that authorized personnel can access it at any time, so be sure to keep this in mind when you are considering whether or not to install security cameras in your home or business.

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