How long do Arlo cameras last?

Arlo cameras are a great investment for any home or business security system. But how long do they last? With proper care and maintenance, an Arlo camera can last for many years. Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your Arlo camera:

-Avoid direct sunlight: Sunlight can damage the internal components of an Arlo camera and shorten its lifespan. If possible, keep your Arlo camera out of direct sunlight.

-Use in moderate temperatures: Extreme cold or heat can also damage an Arlo camera. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, try to use your Arlo camera in moderate temperatures as much as possible.

-Clean the lens regularly: A dirty lens can reduce the quality of your Arlo camera’s images and video. Clean the lens regularly with a soft, dry cloth to keep it clear.

Arlo cameras are designed to last for years. However, like all electronics, they will eventually wear out. The average lifespan of an Arlo camera is about 3-5 years.

How long do Arlo cameras last?

Arlo cameras are designed to last for years. However, the battery life will vary depending on how often the camera is used and the specific model of Arlo camera. Generally speaking, Arlo cameras can last anywhere from two to three years before needing to be replaced.

The different types of Arlo cameras

of the different types of Arlo cameras

Arlo cameras are some of the most popular and well-known types of security cameras on the market today. There are a few different types of Arlo cameras, each designed for specific purposes. Here is a quick overview of the different types of Arlo cameras:

The original Arlo camera is the Arlo Pro. This camera is designed for indoor use and has a wire that connects it to the base station. The Arlo Pro can be used for both home security and as a baby monitor.

The Arlo Pro 2 is an updated version of the original Arlo Pro. It is also designed for indoor use and has a wire that connects it to the base station. The main difference between the two models is that the Arlo Pro 2 has a higher resolution camera and can be used with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

The Arlo Go is a wireless security camera that does not require a base station. The camera uses cellular data to connect to the internet and can be placed anywhere in your home, even in areas without Wi-Fi access.

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The Arlo Q is another indoor security camera that requires a wired connection to the base station. The main difference between the Q and the other

Why do people choose Arlo cameras?

Arlo cameras offer a number of advantages over other security camera options on the market. They are wire-free, making them easy to install and move around as needed. They also offer HD quality video, meaning you can see what is going on more clearly than with other types of cameras. Additionally, Arlo cameras come with built-in night vision, so you can still see what is going on even when it is dark outside.

How to get the most out of your Arlo camera

If you’re like most people, you probably bought your Arlo camera because you wanted to keep an eye on your home while you were away. But what if we told you that there’s more to your Arlo camera than just security? Here are four ways to get the most out of your Arlo camera:

1. Use it as a baby monitor

If you have a newborn at home, chances are you’re spending a lot of time worrying about them. With an Arlo camera, you can check in on your little one from anywhere. Simply set up the camera in their nursery and pull up the live feed whenever you want. You can even set up motion alerts so that you’re notified if your baby starts crying.

2. Use it as a pet cam

Do you have a furry friend at home? Then an Arlo camera can be a great way to keep tabs on them while you’re away. Whether you want to make sure they’re not getting into trouble or just want to see what they’re up to, an Arlo pet cam is perfect for the job. You can even use two-way audio to talk to your pet (or scold them if they’ve been naughty!).

3. Use it

Tips for troubleshooting your Arlo camera

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If your Arlo camera isn’t working as it should, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check to make sure that the camera is turned on and connected to the internet. If the camera is on but not connected, try restarting it. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the camera to its factory settings. Finally, if all else fails, you can contact customer support for help.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How long do Arlo cameras last?

  2. Arlo Battery Life ReviewArlo UltraArlo ProRechargeableYesYesTypeNot interchangeable. Proprietary.Interchangeable with Arlo Pro 2. Proprietary.SummaryBattery life lasts ~3-4 months in our testing. Improved magnetic plug attaches to bottom of camera.Battery life lasts ~6 months in our testing.2 more rows•27 Aug 2019 [1]

  3. What is better than Arlo?

  4. Buying Options. Although it’s not quite as smart as the Arlo Pro 4, the EufyCam 2 Pro Wireless has the best rechargeable battery we’ve seen on a cordless outdoor security camera. (The company claims the battery can go one year, but we estimate you’ll get about four to six months per charge with normal use.) [2]

  5. Does Arlo only record when motion is detected?

  6. The Nest camera constantly records and marks where activities have occurred. With the Arlo Pro 2 it seems to only record when there is motion detected.10 Feb 2018 [3]

  7. Can Arlo record to local storage?

  8. All wire-free cameras can record to local storage, even if your Internet goes down. Arlo Pro 2, Pro, and Wire-Free cameras always have 7 days of free rolling cloud storage. [4]

  9. Do you have to pay a monthly fee for Arlo Pro 3?

  10. The Arlo Pro 3 records in five-minute, event-based clips. If you want continuous recording, that’s a separate service altogether. You have to spend $9.99 per month for 14 days of continuous recording. And if you want the whole month, the cost jumps up to $19.99. [5]

  11. Can anyone see my Arlo camera?

  12. Friends can view live streams from your cameras and view or favorite video clips in your Arlo video library. You can also choose to grant limited administrative rights, such as selecting modes, sharing or deleting clips from the Library, and manually recording videos. You can select which cameras friends see. [6]

  13. Why does my Arlo battery drain so fast?

  14. If your camera is too far away from your Wi-Fi router, SmartHub, or Base Station, you will have poor signal strength, which can drain your camera battery more quickly. For more information, visit: Arlo Camera Placement Tips. [7]


Arlo cameras are a great investment for any home security system. They are durable, long lasting, and provide clear images day or night. With proper care and maintenance, your Arlo cameras should last for many years to come. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more tips on keeping your home safe and secure.

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