How does security cameras work with cloud?

Most people are familiar with security cameras that are connected to a DVR, but fewer people know how cloud-based security cameras work. Cloud-based security cameras are becoming more popular because they offer many benefits over traditional security cameras. Here is a brief overview of how cloud-based security cameras work and some of the benefits they offer.

Cloud-based security cameras work by sending the video footage they capture to a remote server. This server can be located anywhere in the world, and it is usually owned and operated by the camera’s manufacturer. The video footage is then stored on the server, and it can be accessed by anyone who has the proper credentials.

One of the main benefits of cloud-based security cameras is that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This means that you can view your camera’s footage from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, no matter where you are. Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about losing footage if your camera is damaged or stolen, because it is stored safely on the server. Finally, cloud-based security cameras often come with additional features such as motion detection and night vision that can make them even more effective at deterring criminals and protecting your property.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How does security cameras work with cloud?

  2. The IP cameras connect to a local, on-site Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder that records video footage locally. Users can monitor footage locally on any device. With a cloud solution, the IP DVR connects to the internet via a router/switch that through an API connects with the Cloud server. [1]

  3. What is a cloud-based camera?

  4. Cloud-based camera systems allow for remote visibility and on-the-go access to footage. You can always view your camera streams and videos anywhere via a cloud-based dashboard, which is accessible via desktop browser or mobile app—no VPN connection required.7 Jan 2022 [2]

  5. What is a cloud-based security system?

  6. Cloud security systems consist of surveillance system cameras that stream network video directly to the cloud with the major advantage of being able to remotely view footage from any device. In addition, computationally challenging tasks can be done in the cloud to improve camera security, efficiency, and ROI.25 Oct 2018 [3]

  7. What is cloud CCTV?

  8. The Eagle Eye Cloud is a cyber secure home for CCTV, allowing you to manage all cameras from multiple sites on a single hosted platform. It supports any existing camera, analogue or IP. [4]


It’s pretty simple, really. Security cameras work with cloud by sending their footage to a remote server. This way, if something happens to the camera, the footage is still safe and can be accessed by authorized personnel. It’s a great way to keep your property and belongings safe, and it’s becoming more and more common as technology advances.

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