How does Blink wireless camera work?

If you own a home, chances are you’ve considered getting a security system. But what if there was an easier way to keep an eye on things? Blink is a battery-operated security camera that wirelessly connects to your smartphone. So how does Blink work?

Blink uses what’s called an “image sensor” to capture still images or videos. The sensor is triggered by motion, so it only starts recording when something moves in front of the camera. That means you don’t have to worry about your battery life draining while you’re away from home.

Once the sensor is triggered, Blink will send a notification to your smartphone so you can check in on what’s happening. You can then choose to watch a live stream of what’s going on, or go back and view recorded footage. And if you see something suspicious, you can call the police right from the app.

It’s really that simple! With Blink, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is being monitored, even when you’re not there.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How does Blink wireless camera work?

  2. It’s powered by two included AA lithium-ion batteries and works over Wi-Fi, sending alerts and recording video clips from 5 seconds to 60 seconds long when triggered by motion. It features 1080p full HD video quality with a 110-degree field of view, two-way audio, and night vision.13 Oct 2021 [1]

  3. Do Blink cameras use a lot of data?

  4. Does Blink Camera Use a Lot of Data? As previously mentioned, Blink cameras use about 750 KB of data each time it records a five-second clip. This isn’t much data, but it does add up to be quite a substantial amount over time. For example, one hour’s worth of video uses a little over one GB of data.19 Apr 2022 [2]


In short, Blink cameras work by using a proprietary technology that they have developed and perfected over the years. This technology allows the cameras to communicate with each other wirelessly, while still providing high-quality images and video. The Blink team has worked hard to make sure that their products are reliable and easy to use, so that you can feel confident in your home security.

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