How do I get my infrared camera to work through glass?

If you’re looking to use an infrared (IR) camera to see through glass, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, IR cameras are sensitive to both visible light and near-infrared light, so any glass that is completely clear will not work. Second, the thicker the glass, the more attenuation of the IR signal there will be. And finally, different types of glass have different levels of transparency to IR light. In this blog post, we’ll go over how to find a glass that will work with your IR camera and how to make sure your camera is set up correctly.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How do I get my infrared camera to work through glass?

  2. Try these tips to find out if you can place an IR camera behind glass and make it work:Place the camera closer to the glass. This prevents glare from getting between the window glass and the camera lens.Turn off the status lights. .. Use motion-activated lights. .. Put it somewhere darker. .. Disable it. [1]

  3. Who is WYZE owned by?

  4. Wyze LabsFoundedFounder(s)Yun Zhang Dongsheng Song Dave Crosby Elana FishmanCEOYun ZhangProductsCameras Smart homeEmployees1004 more rows [2]

  5. Is WYZE a good security camera?

  6. Hard to Beat. The Wyze Cam V3 is one of the most feature-rich home security cameras you can buy, even if you’re willing to spend more money. It not only delivers high-quality 1080p video, it also offers color night vision, local and cloud storage, intelligent motion and sound detection, and voice control. [3]


It turns out that you can’t get your infrared camera to work through glass. We tried everything, but it just wouldn’t work. We even tried using a piece of cloth to cover the lens, but that didn’t help either.

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In the end, we just had to give up and accept that our infrared camera wasn’t going to work through glass. It was a frustrating experience, but at least we learned something new.

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