How can I watch my dog at home from work?

It’s not uncommon for dog parents to worry about their furry friends while they’re away at work. Fortunately, there are now a number of ways to check in on your pup throughout the day. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best options for keeping an eye on your dog while you’re away from home.

One popular option is to set up a webcam in your home so you can check in on your dog throughout the day. This way, you can see what they’re up to and even interact with them if you want. There are also a number of pet cameras on the market that offer additional features like two-way audio, treat dispensers, and more.

If you have a smart home setup, you can also use devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home to check in on your dog. These devices can stream live video from security cameras set up around your home. You can also use them to play audio or dispense treats if you want to give your dog a little something extra while you’re away.

Finally, there are a number of apps that allow you to keep track of your dog’s activity and location. Some of these apps even let you set up virtual fences so you’ll be notified if your dog leaves the house or goes into certain areas. This can be a great way to keep tabs on their activity and make sure they’re staying safe while you’re away.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How can I watch my dog at home from work?

  2. Barkio monitors your dog continuously, so you’re able to hear and watch a video of your dog remotely in real-time. Whenever the dog is noisy, the app alerts you immediately – either in the app or with a notification when monitoring n the background.18 Dec 2019 [1]

  3. How can I use my phone as a pet camera?

  4. On the starting screen tap the menu in the bottom left corner and choose the small icon of a phone (only tap on the small icon of the phone for Android devices) Click on “add device” on both stations. Choose one device as a Dog Station and the other one as a Person Station. [2]

  5. Where do you put a pet camera?

  6. It’s always a good idea to point the Petcube in the direction where your pets tend to spend most of their time. If you want to place Petcube on a table or shelf, we recommend you set it up at least 3 feet above the floor. Petcube has a non-slip rubber bottom, which provides a secure grip on flat surfaces. [3]

  7. Do dog cameras work?

  8. A good pet camera makes your time away painless, showing you firsthand that your pet is happy and safe, even when you’re not there. However, after extensive testing and research, we found that most pet owners don’t actually need a fancy pet camera.17 Dec 2021 [4]

  9. Can I FaceTime my dog?

  10. The bottom line is, most dogs can’t recognize faces on phone screens or tablets. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t FaceTime or Skype with your pets while you’re out of town! It won’t harm them, and they may even recognize and be comforted by the sound of your voice. [5]


Assuming you have a webcam and internet connection at work, there are a few options for monitoring your dog while at the office. The most low-tech option is to simply leave the webcam on and keep an eye on things throughout the day. If you want to get a little more fancy, there are apps that will send you alerts or even stream video to your phone if there is movement in front of the camera. And for the ultimate in high-tech pet care, there are even companies that will send someone to your home to check on your furry friend during the day. No matter what method you choose, with a little planning and preparation you can rest easy knowing that your pup is being well taken care of while you’re away.

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