Does Xfinity Home have cameras?

Xfinity Home is a home security and automation system offered by Comcast. It includes features like professional monitoring, home automation, and video cameras. So, does Xfinity Home have cameras?

Yes, Xfinity Home has both indoor and outdoor cameras available as part of their security system. The indoor cameras are designed to be used inside your home and the outdoor cameras can be used to monitor the exterior of your property. Both types of cameras come with features like night vision and motion detection.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Xfinity Home have cameras?

  2. Xfinity offers indoor and outdoor cameras for your home. You can keep tabs on your home from anywhere with Xfinity’s live video recording, allowing you to record, rewind, and review up to 10 days of footage.23 Feb 2022 [1]

  3. Does Xfinity have an outdoor camera?

  4. Look back anytime. You can place Xfinity Cameras inside or outside your home, and add recording to capture important moments. [2]

  5. Does Comcast have doorbell cameras?

  6. The Xfinity Video Doorbell combines a doorbell and camera in one device, allowing you to easily keep an eye on your front door from anywhere. [3]

  7. Do you need WIFI for Xfinity Home security?

  8. Xfinity — Xfinity offers 100% wireless home security, but it does require a high-speed internet connection. The systems also offer battery and cellular backup. Many of their packages and bundles come with the required internet connection.10 Mar 2022 [4]

  9. How long does Xfinity cameras keep footage?

  10. Store up to seven days of video history from up to six Xfinity Cameras in our cloud. Recordings are stored for seven days to review, rewind, download, and share moments that matter most. [5]

  11. Does ring doorbell work with Xfinity?

  12. Two Way Audio: Customers will receive a “ding” notification on the Xfinity app and on their television through X1 or Flex when someone rings their doorbell. In addition, they can hear and speak directly to their front door even when they are not home by accessing the Xfinity app.16 Dec 2021 [6]

  13. Does Nest camera Work With Xfinity Home?

  14. Note: Nest is no longer a Works with Xfinity partner. If you linked your Nest account with Xfinity Home prior to , you can continue to control your installed Nest Thermostats via the Xfinity Home app, just as long as you don’t migrate your Nest account to a Google account. [7]


Yes, Xfinity Home has cameras. You can view them by logging into your account and selecting the camera icon. The cameras are located throughout your home and can be used to view live or recorded footage.

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Overall, the Xfinity Home system is a great way to keep an eye on your home, whether you’re there or not. And, with the added peace of mind of knowing that you can view footage of any activity that takes place, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a home security system.

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