Does Wyze record for free?

Wyze is a home security company that offers free recording services. However, there are some catches. First, you must have a Wyze account and be logged in to use the recording feature. Second, recordings are limited to 10-second clips and are only stored for 24 hours. Finally, Wyze does not currently offer cloud storage, so recordings will only be stored locally on your device.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Wyze record for free?

  2. Overall, sounds good, but here’s the catch: Wyze’s free Basic plan, which used to offer cloud storage of 12-second video recordings of motion events (Basic users don’t get people detection), will replace those event recordings with snapshots, a fairly major downgrade versus the 12-second video clips.13 Jan 2022 [1]

  3. Can you use Wyze security without subscription?

  4. At this point, Wyze is very much like using a Ring camera with no subscription. Without Ring’s Cloud subscription, none of your videos are recorded – at all. If Ring detects motion, it will give you a snapshot and the option to view the Event live – but that’s it.19 Apr 2022 [2]


In conclusion, Wyze does not record for free. However, their service is very affordable and their app is user-friendly. Overall, I would recommend Wyze to anyone looking for an affordable home security solution.

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