Does WYZE record all the time?

Yes, WYZE does record all the time. However, you can set it to only record when there is motion or sound.

1. No, WYZE does not record all the time. The camera only turns on and begins recording when it detects motion or sound.2. You can set the camera to record continuously for a set period of time, but it will automatically stop after that time period has elapsed.3. The camera will also stop recording if there is no motion or sound detected for a set period of time.

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  1. Does WYZE record all the time?

  2. This means that the camera will record continuously when there is motion, and will not record when there is no motion detected. Just like Continuous Recording, this is independent of the Events that are captured and stored on the cloud based on the camera’s recording settings.30 Mar 2022 [1]

  3. What are the white boxes in the corner of rooms?

  4. You’ve no doubt seen them. You may even have a couple installed at home. They’re those little white boxes that sit snugly up in the corners of rooms, between the walls and the ceiling. For the uninitiated, a PIR (Pyroelectric, or Passive InfraRed) is a motion sensor; its sole function is to detect movement in a room.15 Feb 2013 [2]


In conclusion, WYZE does not record all the time. However, it is important to note that WYZE may record at any time if you have given the app permission to do so. It is also important to remember that WYZE is a security camera and not a nanny cam. Therefore, if you are concerned about your privacy, it is important to understand how WYZE works and how it can be used to protect your home.

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