Does my Xfinity camera record?

If you have an Xfinity home security system, you may be wondering if your cameras are recording. The answer is yes, but there are some things to keep in mind.

First, your Xfinity cameras will only record when they are turned on. You can schedule them to turn on and off, or you can manually turn them on and off as needed.

Second, your Xfinity cameras will only record video. They will not record audio. If you want to record audio, you will need to purchase a separate microphone.

Third, your Xfinity cameras have a limited storage capacity. If you have a lot of footage that you want to save, you may need to purchase additional storage space.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does my Xfinity camera record?

  2. 24/7 Video Recording can run on any compatible Xfinity Camera or Video Doorbell for up to six cameras at a time. When it’s turned on, the camera continuously records video and saves it to the cloud for seven days. [1]

  3. How do I access my Comcast camera footage?

  4. View Camera or Video Doorbell Feeds from Your X1 TV BoxUsing your Xfinity Voice Remote, press the microphone button and say “Show me my cameras” or “Show me my doorbell.” This will open a thumbnail for each camera or video doorbell at the bottom of your screen. .. Click the thumbnail to view live video.More items.. [2]

  5. How do I get rid of Xfinity Home camera recording?

  6. Sign in to the Xfinity Home app. On the Overview screen, tap the Automation icon (arrow over two dots). Tap the three dots on the scene you want to delete. Tap the trash icon. [3]

  7. Do Comcast recordings expire?

  8. Save the recordings that matter most by marking them with Save for One Year. Learn how with step-by-step instructions for your X1 remote, Xfinity Stream app and Xfinity Stream portal. To make space for new recordings, delete recordings that you have already viewed or no longer need. [4]

  9. How do I save a video from Xfinity Home security?

  10. Downloading Video Clips from the AppSign in to the Xfinity app or the Xfinity Home app. In the Xfinity app, select the Home tab. .. Scroll down to the desired camera or video doorbell and select the camera thumbnail.Select the motion event clip. .. Select the download arrow at the upper-right of the screen. [5]

  11. Do Xfinity Home cameras have sound?

  12. You can listen to Camera sound for 1-way audio on the Xfinity app, Xfinity Home app and Xfinity Home app for X1. However, Talk for 2-way audio is only available in the Xfinity app for compatible Xfinity Cameras and Xfinity Video Doorbells. [6]

  13. What happens when you delete a xfinity Camera?

  14. Removing a Camera from the Xfinity Home App Be aware that removing a camera or video doorbell also removes that camera’s 24/7 Video Recordings and motion event clips. Sign in to the Xfinity Home app. [7]

  15. How do I remove YouTube from my Comcast account?

  16. To Sign Out and Remove Your YouTube Account from the YouTube app on X1:Select your name from the Main Menu.Select Manage Accounts.Select the account that you want to remove.Select Remove. [8]


Yes, your Xfinity camera does record. You can view the recordings by accessing the Xfinity app on your mobile device or by logging into your account online.

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