Does Blink camera have motion detection?

The Blink security camera is a popular choice for home and small business owners. One of the features that makes the Blink camera stand out is its motion detection capabilities. But does the Blink camera actually have motion detection?

The answer is yes, the Blink camera does have motion detection. This feature allows the camera to detect movement within its field of view and then send an alert to the user. Motion detection can be a useful tool for security purposes, as it can help to deter intruders or catch them in the act.

However, it is worth noting that motion detection is not foolproof. false positives can occur if there is movement in the background or if objects move in front of the camera. Additionally, motion detection can be triggered by things like shadows or leaves blowing in the wind. As such, it is important to set up motion detection properly in order to avoid getting too many false alerts.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Blink camera have motion detection?

  2. Blink cameras use a built-in motion sensor that can alert when movement is detected, allowing you to view a captured video clip of what triggered the event based on your app settings. [1]

  3. Does Blink XT2 have motion detection?

  4. The Blink XT2 has two-way audio and the ability to record while in live view. The XT2 camera also features customizable motion detection and double the battery usage of the XT on a single set of batteries when recording video. [2]

  5. Why won’t my Blink camera detect motion?

  6. Please note you will not receive notifications when visiting the Blink app’s Clip Roll media screen. To test notifications, head to the Blink app home screen, arm the system, ensure that the camera is enabled for motion detection (the ‘running man’ icon is blue color), and then make a motion in front of the camera. [3]

  7. How do I set my Blink camera to record motion?

  8. The Blink system is designed to capture motion based on heat moving across the field of view of your Blink camera..Each camera has an individual sensitivity setting.From your home screen, tap the settings slider. .. Scroll down to Sensitivity and move the slider a small distance toward L, for Low.More items.. [4]

  9. How do I get Blink motion alerts?

  10. From the Blink app, tap on Notifications from the Manage Account side menu.Make sure that the toggle is set to on.Tap on the words “Motion Notification”Be sure that you have this set to either Urgent or High in order for sounds to accompany the notification. [5]

  11. What does enable motion detection mean?

  12. When motion detection is enabled, the camera will countdown 30 seconds by default before activating it. After it activates, you will see green boxes appear on the camera’s screen wherever motion is detected.13 May 2016 [6]


Yes, the Blink camera does have motion detection. This is a great feature for security purposes, as it allows you to be alerted to any movement in your home. However, there are a few things to keep in mind with this feature. First, false positives can occur if the camera is triggered by something other than actual movement (such as a gust of wind). Second, the motion detection can be set to be too sensitive, causing it to go off even when there isn’t anything moving. Overall, the motion detection feature on the Blink camera is a great way to increase your home security, but just be aware of its limitations.

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