Does Blink 3 camera kit come with Sync module?

If you are considering purchasing the Blink 3 camera kit, you may be wondering if it comes with the Sync module. The answer is yes! The Blink 3 camera kit includes the Sync module, so you can easily sync your cameras and have them all work together. The Blink 3 camera kit is a great way to expand your home security system, and with the included Sync module, it is easy to do.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Blink 3 camera kit come with Sync module?

  2. Search. A: AnswerWe do ship each Blink System/Kit with the sync module needed to operate the cameras. [1]

  3. Can I use my Blink camera without sync module?

  4. No, Mini just requires 5 volt, 1amp, standard USB power through the included adapter, and an always-on Wi-Fi internet connection. Mini does not need a sync module; however, it can be added to an existing system that uses one for shared scheduling. You can also add Mini to a doorbell system. [2]

  5. What does a Blink camera come with?

  6. The Blink Outdoor one-camera kit includes a Blink Outdoor security camera, two AA lithium batteries, a Blink Sync Module 2, charging cables and mounting hardware. A Sync Module is required for the Blink Outdoor camera to work; Blink says the module helps extend the camera’s Wi-Fi range and improves its battery life.27 July 2020 [3]


Yes, the Blink 3 camera kit comes with a Sync module. The Sync module is an essential part of the Blink 3 system and allows you to connect your Blink 3 cameras wirelessly.

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