Does Arlo call the police?

In the post “Does Arlo call the police?”, the author, Arlo, discusses whether or not he would call the police if he witnessed a crime. He starts by discussing how he would feel if he were in that situation and how he would want someone to help him. He then goes on to say that he would not call the police because they have done nothing for him in the past. He ends by saying that he would rather handle the situation himself.

In the Arlo app, you can call local police directly from the app. If you see something suspicious, or if there’s an emergency, you can immediately contact the police and provide them with your location.Arlo also has a feature called ‘ Emergency Response ‘ which will automatically call the police if your Arlo camera detects a break-in or another type of emergency. You can enable this feature in the Arlo app.If you’re not using the Arlo app, you can still call the police if you see something suspicious or if there’s an emergency. Just give them your location and they’ll be able to find you.

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  1. Does Arlo call the police?

  2. With Arlo Smart Premier or Arlo Smart Elite plans, you get the e911 Emergency Call Service. With e911, Arlo knows to call the responders closest to your home and can provide your home’s location, even before you tell the responders. [1]


In conclusion, it is evident that Arlo does not call the police. The reasons for this are many and varied, but the most likely explanation is that he simply doesn’t care enough about the law to bother with them. This is a shame, as it means that he is not only breaking the law, but also missing out on an opportunity to help keep his community safe.

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