Does an intercom system add value to your home?

An intercom system can be a great addition to any home. It can provide safety and security, as well as peace of mind. It can also be a great way to keep in touch with loved ones, or to stay connected with the outside world. Here are some things to consider when deciding if an intercom system is right for you:

1. What are your needs?

Consider what you hope to gain from an intercom system. Do you want it for security purposes? To stay in touch with family members? To have a way to communicate with the outside world in case of an emergency? Once you know what your needs are, you can better assess whether an intercom system is right for you.

2. What is your budget?

Intercom systems can range in price, so it’s important to consider your budget when making a decision. There are many affordable options on the market, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality intercom system.

3. What features are important to you?

There are many different features that intercom systems offer. Some systems are simple and only offer basic features, while others are more complex and offer a variety of features and options. Consider which features are most important to you before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does an intercom system add value to your home?

  2. A residential intercom system can provide your household with the following benefits: Added property value. While you likely won’t move out right after upgrading your home, putting in smart home features can translate to a higher resale value in the future.22 June 2018 [1]

  3. How much does it cost to put an intercom in your house?

  4. Installing an intercom system costs an average of $1,200 to $8,500, including the intercom materials and labor. Advanced systems with the latest audio and video technology may cost upward of $10,000, especially if you need to install intercom substations in multiple locations around your home. [2]

  5. Are intercoms still used?

  6. You may have your phone with you most of the time, but even with the instant access to texts and calls, intercom systems still provide a lot of uses for modern homes. Professionals can install intercom systems in many different rooms of the home.3 Mar 2020 [3]

  7. Which company intercom is best?

  8. Best Wireless Intercom Systems for Your Home1) Amazon Echo Show Second Generation.2) Motorola Talkabout Radio (3-Pack)3) Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Alexa.4) Hosmart System.5) Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor and Intercom.6) Ring Video Doorbell 2 (Battery-Powered Version)7) Samcom (20-Channel)More items..•19 July 2019 [4]

  9. What are the advantages of intercom?

  10. Here are the 5 biggest benefits of adding an intercom system to your building.1 – Enhanced Building Security. For your residents, their home is their safe place. .. 2 – Convenience. .. 3 – Increased Property (Asset) Value. .. 4 – Make Your Building More Attractive to Prospective Tenants. .. 5 – Reduce Operating Expenditures.24 June 2021 [5]

  11. What is the main purpose of an intercom system that would be used by security?

  12. Intercom systems are often used to supplement secure access to a facility. Rather than allowing unauthorized persons open access to a building, a posted employee can see the individual from inside the building using the closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.1 Aug 2016 [6]

  13. What is intercommunication system?

  14. An intercom, also called an intercommunication device, intercommunicator, or interphone, is a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a building or small collection of buildings, functioning independently of the public telephone network. [7]

  15. How much would it cost to replace intercom system?

  16. Prices vary depending on the system and the amount of work involved, but for guidance, a typical audio intercom system for a four-unit apartment building would run around $3500, with a video system costing around $4000-$5000.28 July 2015 [8]

  17. How does video intercom work?

  18. A video intercom system is a security technology that allows two-way communications. Usually, one device will be mounted permanently at a point of entry, like a doorway or gate. The wall-mounted intercom has circuitry that allows visitors to announce their arrival. [9]

  19. Can you use Alexa as an intercom?

  20. Yes, you can use Alexa as an intercom between rooms. The feature is called Drop In, and must first be enabled in the Alexa App. Drop In also works with any Amazon Echo product, including the Echo Dot, Spot, and Show devices.13 Dec 2021 [10]

  21. Are intercoms safe?

  22. Hardwired intercoms are the obvious choice for a dependable security system because they don’t have any of these vulnerabilities and come with a number of additional security features.31 Oct 2017 [11]

  23. What are the types of intercom system?

  24. Here are the 9 most common types of intercom systems:Wireless intercoms.Wired intercoms.Audio intercoms.Video intercoms.Outdoor intercoms.Apartment intercoms.Commercial intercoms.Office intercoms.More items.. [12]

  25. How does a wireless intercom system work?

  26. Most wireless intercom systems communicate by radio waves using one of the frequencies allotted by various government agencies. Some wireless intercom systems communicate using the 802.11 standard. There are also systems that advertise themselves as wireless, but communicate over existing building AC electrical wiring. [13]

  27. What is smart intercom?

  28. Smart video intercoms let you use your smartphone to open doors remotely and see who’s at your door before letting them in. All you need is hardware installed at the front entrance because each tenant’s smartphone replaces the in-unit hardware of traditional intercom systems. [14]

  29. What is an intercom master station?

  30. The Master Station provides control of the intercom system and typically includes a station selector switch, talk button, speaker, amplifier and volume control. The Sub-Station typically includes just a speaker and call button. When the visitor arrives, he or she presses the call button on the Sub-Station. [15]


An intercom system can add value to your home in many ways. It can improve security, communication, and energy efficiency. It can also make your home more convenient and comfortable to live in. If you are considering adding an intercom system to your home, be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully to decide if it is the right choice for you.

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