Do Eufy cameras need Internet?

A home security camera is a great way to deter burglars and keep an eye on your property, but do you need internet for a security camera? The short answer is no. There are plenty of security cameras that don’t require an internet connection.

If you want a security camera that doesn’t rely on the internet, look for one with local storage. That means the camera will store footage on a microSD card or some other type of internal storage. You’ll be able to view the footage without an internet connection, but you won’t be able to access it from anywhere else.

There are also battery-powered security cameras that don’t need to be plugged in. These can be a good option if you don’t want to deal with running power cords all over your house. Just keep in mind that battery-powered cameras usually don’t have as many features as their plugged-in counterparts.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Do Eufy cameras need Internet?

  2. Overall, if you want to be able to access or keep recorded footage taken by a eufy camera, you will need a Wi-Fi connection of some form. You will need to connect it directly to a router via ethernet cable, and then it must maintain an Internet connection to operate at full performance.11 Feb 2022 [1]

  3. Does Eufy require subscription?

  4. Fortunately, Eufy does not offer a monthly fee for professional monitoring, and this can be done free which makes the initial purchase the only amount you need to pay. However, they do have a cloud service where users can pay monthly or annually to store recordings which can be accessed anytime using the internet.27 Jan 2022 [2]

  5. Does Eufy have a monthly subscription?

  6. The Basic plan goes for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year per camera and gives you 30 days of rolling storage. The Premier plan costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year and gives you 30 days of rolling storage for up to 10 cameras. Oh okay. You probably do that on the eufy website as well. [3]

  7. Does Eufy cameras send data to China?

  8. I am curious about the answer(s). My eufycam homebase is absolutey sending data back to China. Potentially not the videos themselves, but it’s absolutely using a Chinese DNS server for name resolution – I have the firewall logs to prove it.19 Sept 2019 [4]

  9. Is Arlo and Eufy the same?

  10. Verdict. Both Eufy’s and Arlo’s home security camera systems have proved to be effective and easy to use during our testing. Eufy is the more affordable of the two, not least because all of its cameras offer local storage at no extra cost, so you don’t have to subscribe to a service plan to get the most out of them.5 Dec 2021 [5]

  11. Is Eufy a security risk?

  12. You can access your videos at any time through the Eufy app, and that footage is protected by strong encryption in transit and where it is stored. This is all very cool. Eufy also doesn’t sell your personal data, which is cool.8 Nov 2021 [6]

  13. Can Eufy Recognise faces?

  14. Facial Recognition: AI system tries to recognize faces in the video image and identify the person for you. Pet Detection: The AI system will try to detect pets which appear in the video image. Crying Detection: The AI system will try to detect crying and will notify you if necessary. [7]

  15. Is the Eufy doorbell easy to steal?

  16. Compared to the Ring doorbell the eufy doorbell is easier to be stolen. Also the camera eufycam 2C pro is really east to steal in my opinion. I have searched (probably not good eneough) but could not find what Eufy his policy is when devices are stolen.30 Jan 2021 [8]

  17. How do I remove someone from my EUFY camera?

  18. If you would like to remove access from a device that is shared with you, visit the Devices tab of the mobile app and open the individual device settings by clicking the gear-shaped settings tab. In this section, you will see the option to Remove Shared Device. [9]


To conclude, Eufy cameras do not need Internet to work. However, an Internet connection is required to access the camera’s footage remotely. Additionally, a subscription is needed for cloud storage. Overall, Eufy cameras are a great option for those looking for an affordable and easy-to-use security solution.

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