Do any cameras work with Vivint?

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing whether or not any cameras work with Vivint. Vivint is a home security company that offers a variety of security products and services. While they do offer their own line of security cameras, they are also compatible with a number of other brands. In this post, we’ll go over a few of the most popular camera brands and let you know if they’re compatible with Vivint.

Vivint is a home security company that offers a variety of home security products, including cameras. While Vivint does offer its own line of cameras, it is also compatible with several other brands. This means that you have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the right camera for your home security system.So, what are the best cameras to use with Vivint? Here are a few of our top picks:1. The Wyze Cam: This camera is an affordable option that still offers features like night vision and two-way audio. It’s also easy to set up and use with Vivint.2. The Blink XT2: This camera offers good value for the price, with features like two-year battery life and motion detection alerts. It’s also easy to set up and use with Vivint.3. The Arlo Pro 2: This camera is our top pick for those who want the best possible image quality and features like two-way audio and color night vision. It’s also compatible with Vivint’s Smart Hub.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Do any cameras work with Vivint?

  2. As with most Vivint equipment, these cameras are pricier than usual..Smart Sentry.CameraPriceVivint Doorbell Camera Pro$249.99Vivint Smart Drive$249.992 more rows [1]

  3. How do I add an outdoor camera to Vivint?

  4. Add Camera Using the WPS ButtonGo to your router then locate and press the WPS button. .. Go to your camera then locate and press the WPS button. .. Go to, and click Login.Click Video then Settings.Click Add Video Device.The camera will be displayed on the screen to select from.More items.. [2]

  5. What devices work with Vivint?

  6. Plays Nice with Others: Vivint Compatible DevicesGoogle Assistant™ Speak up for easier control by connecting your Vivint smart home to Google Assistant™. .. Amazon Echo. ® .. Philips Hue Lighting. .. Nest® Learning Thermostat™ .. Kwikset® Smart Locks. [3]

  7. Does Vivint have wireless cameras?

  8. With Vivint wireless security cameras, you can view live footage or clips remotely thanks to Vivint Playback™. All Vivint products sync to your Vivint Smart Hub™—which syncs to your Vivint Smart Home App for thorough, effortless mobile control. [4]

  9. How can I lower my Vivint bill?

  10. Speak to customer servicePromotional rates that might help you reduce your monthly fees.Scaling back your services.Any available credits or rebates that you can take advantage of based on your service plan.Make an arrangement to lower your monthly payments to an amount you can afford. [5]

  11. How far can a Vivint camera see?

  12. Although Vivint’s outdoor camera is expensive, we were more than impressed with its 4K HDR sensor, person detection and 85-decibel siren..Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Features Breakdown.CameraVivint Outdoor Camera ProPrice$399Field of vision140°Resolution1080pZoom10x7 more rows•17 Sept 2021 [6]


In short, the answer is no. Vivint cameras are not compatible with any other camera brands. So if you’re looking for a home security system, you’ll have to go with Vivint.

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