Can you use a security camera as a baby monitor?

If you want to keep an eye on your little one but don’t want to spend the money on a dedicated baby monitor, you might be wondering if you can just use a security camera instead. The short answer is yes, you can use a security camera as a baby monitor. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before setting up your security camera.

Security cameras are designed to record video, not to stream it live. This means that you won’t be able to see your baby in real-time using a security camera. You’ll only be able to check on them after the fact.

Also, most security cameras are designed for outdoor use. This means that they might not have the best audio quality for monitoring your baby. If you decide to use a security camera as a baby monitor, make sure to place it close to your little one so that you can hear them clearly.

Finally, keep in mind that security cameras are meant to be hidden. If you’re using a security camera as a baby monitor, you’ll need to find a way to position it so that your little one isn’t aware of it. Otherwise, they might start playing up for the camera!

A security camera can be used as a baby monitor if it is equipped with the right features. Parents can use a security camera to keep an eye on their baby from another room in the house, or even from another location entirely. A security camera can also be used to monitor a babysitter or nanny.However, not all security cameras are created equal, and some may not have the features necessary to function as a baby monitor. Parents should look for a security camera that offers two-way audio, so they can listen to their baby and talk to them if necessary. They should also look for a camera with night vision, so they can see their baby even in the dark.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can you use a security camera as a baby monitor?

  2. When it comes to baby monitors, this feature comes in handy. Rather than waiting for the baby monitor battery to deplete, you can use the smart baby monitor (the security camera). A smart security camera will alert you when the battery is running low on your device.17 Mar 2020 [1]

  3. Do I really need a baby monitor?

  4. If your baby sleeps in the same room as you for a few months, you probably don’t need a monitor for a while, if ever. If their crib is beside you then you can be assured you’ll hear their every move and whimper. However, If you have a two story home and plan on allowing the baby napping upstairs… it will come in handy. [2]

  5. What can I use instead of a baby monitor?

  6. Walkie-talkies have a farther range than most baby monitors, and they offer two-way audio so you can even sing a lullaby to your baby..This article will cover these 7 alternatives to a baby monitor:Phone.Tablet.Webcam.Security cam.Walkie-Talkie.Smart Speaker.No Monitor. [3]

  7. Can you use SimpliSafe as a baby monitor?

  8. A: Yes you can. It has, let’s say, a “baby monitor” type function through your smartphone with sound, too. But it’s potential is for the full SimpliSafe system with the hub. Its video quality is nice, though. [4]

  9. Do WiFi baby monitors work without WiFi?

  10. WiFi baby monitors require an internet connection: the name says it all. So, it’s important that you have a connection you can rely on. If you have patchy, unreliable broadband, you’ll struggle to receive real-time updates on your baby. [5]

  11. Can baby monitors be used outdoors?

  12. Best for Audio Only The parent unit has rechargeable batteries that last up to 18 hours and a clip so that you can carry it with you as you putter around the house. It has a range of up to 1,000 feet outside, which is more than enough for me to enjoy a backyard fire in the summer while my kids slumber.20 Dec 2019 [6]

  13. When should you stop using baby monitor?

  14. Most experts recommended that you stop using a baby monitor when your child is about 4 years old. The reasons fell into two camps: They are aware of being watched at that point. They have fully adjusted to sleep in their own bed.7 June 2021 [7]

  15. Do you leave baby monitor on all night?

  16. You can stop using a baby monitor whenever you’d like. But turning the monitor off at night when your baby’s around 6 months old, might actually help you get a better night’s sleep — and help your baby develop healthy sleep habits. [8]

  17. When should you start using a baby monitor?

  18. You can use a baby monitor for the first 6 months, 2 years, or even older than 5 years. [9]

  19. Can you use two phones as a baby monitor?

  20. Baby Monitor 3G It also has an Android version for android users. It lets you set up devices as a baby station for the baby’s room and a parent station for parents’ use. Once downloaded on both apps, just enter the 9 digit code to pair two devices together. There’s no need to even sign up or be on the same network.1 Nov 2021 [10]

  21. Can you use two iPhones as a baby monitor?

  22. Baby Monitor Nancy Parenting is hard enough so let’s keep things simple. Connect any two iPhones or iPads and transform them into an audio & video nanny cam. Nancy allows you to check on your baby anytime you want. Camera will allow you to watch your babies while they sleep soundly.21 Jan 2021 [11]

  23. Can you use a phone as a monitor?

  24. Not only can you use your Android device as a second monitor, but you can do the same with your Android TV. In this case, your Android TV and computer will have to be on the same Wi-Fi. You might also need an HDMI cable or you could use your Android TV as a second monitor wirelessly with Chromecast.12 Nov 2021 [12]

  25. Do SimpliSafe cameras record all the time?

  26. Do SimpliSafe’s cameras record all the time? No, neither of SimpliSafe’s cameras record all the time. SimpliSafe doesn’t currently offer 24/7 continuous recording for either the SimpliCam or the Video Doorbell Pro. [13]

  27. How many cameras can you have on SimpliSafe?

  28. How many cameras can I use with SimpliSafe? If you have a SimpliSafe security system with a Standard Plan for $14.99 per month, you can add up to 10 cameras.3 Feb 2022 [14]


In conclusion, yes you can use a security camera as a baby monitor. However, we do not recommend it as your primary form of monitoring due to the potential privacy concerns. If you are going to use a security camera, we suggest using one that is specifically designed for baby monitoring so that you can be sure that it meets your needs and does not pose any unnecessary risks.

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