Can you have 2 Blink cameras?

If you’re considering purchasing a Blink camera, you may be wondering if you can have more than one. The short answer is yes, you can have multiple Blink cameras. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of having more than one Blink camera and how to set them up.

One benefit of having multiple Blink cameras is that you can cover more ground. If you have a large home or property, you may want to consider placing one Blink camera in the front and another in the back. This way, you can keep an eye on both the front and back entrances to your home.

Another benefit of having multiple Blink cameras is that you can create a custom security system. For example, you could place one Blink camera in your living room and another in your bedroom. Then, if someone breaks into your home, you’ll have footage of the intruder in two different rooms.

If you’re interested in setting up multiple Blink cameras, the process is relatively simple. First, purchase the number of Blink cameras that you want to use. Then, download the Blink app and create an account. Once you’ve done that, follow the instructions in the app to set up each individual camera.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can you have 2 Blink cameras?

  2. With our multi-system support feature, you can access and use two or more (up to 5) separate Blink systems from the same Blink App account. This means if you have the need for all of the above you can have it.31 July 2017 [1]

  3. Can I add extra cameras to my Blink system?

  4. A: You are able to add Blink cameras to your existing Blink System at anytime. You can have up to 10 Blink devices per sync module as long as they are all within the 100ft operating range of the sync module in any direction. The cameras on the sync module can be in any combination. [2]

  5. Is Amazon Getting rid of Blink?

  6. Amazon has temporarily stopped taking orders for the Blink XT2 smart camera that it launched last month. The XT2, which is Blink’s first new camera since Amazon acquired the company, is listed as “currently unavailable” for purchase. That applies to all configurations, including the single camera and multicamera kits.10 June 2019 [3]

  7. How many Blink cameras can I have on one module?

  8. How many devices can I add to a Blink system? For each Blink system managed by a Sync Module, a total of 10 devices can be added. The Blink Mini manages it’s own individual system, or can be added to Sync Module managed system as one of its ten devices. [4]

  9. How do I add a second Blink module?

  10. Add a Sync Module and create a systemFrom the home screen, tap the Add Device + icon.The Add Device screen displays your device options.The serial number is also printed as a QR code. .. When the QR code is recognized, you are asked to create a new system by tapping the text entry box and providing a name.More items.. [5]

  11. How many phones can be connected to Blink?

  12. Your Blink account has one email address, one password, and one phone number. At this time, Blink does not offer multiple profiles per account. [6]

  13. What is the difference between Blink camera kit and add on camera?

  14. The standard kit comes with the camera and the required hub (which can be used for multiple cameras). The Add On camera is just the camera for if you already have the hub.22 May 2019 [7]

  15. Can Blink cameras work on multiple phones?

  16. Can the Blink app be accessed from more than one device? Yes! You can download our app and log into the same account from as many iOS and Android devices as you’d like, so the entire household can receive alerts or check in at home. [8]


Yes, you can have 2 Blink cameras. But, why would you want to? One is more than enough to keep an eye on things. Plus, having 2 cameras can be a bit of a pain. You have to keep track of two different devices and make sure they’re both charged. It’s just not worth the hassle.

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