Can Vivint see my cameras?

Vivint is a home security company that offers home automation and security services. One of the features of Vivint’s service is the ability to view live video footage from security cameras installed in the home. However, some Vivint customers have expressed concern that the company may be able to view their camera footage without their permission. In this blog post, we’ll address these concerns and explain how Vivint’s security camera system works.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can Vivint see my cameras?

  2. Vivint monitoring center agents monitor Vivint security systems 24/7 to respond to alarms, but the agents do not access anyone’s camera streams or video recordings.29 Oct 2021 [1]


In conclusion, it is safe to say that Vivint cannot see your cameras without your permission. Even if they could, they would only be able to see what the camera sees and not any personal information about you or your family. So rest assured, your privacy is intact when using a Vivint security system.

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