Can Google Nest be used as a security camera?

Google Nest is a popular home automation system, but can it also be used as a security camera? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at whether Google Nest can be used as a security camera, and if so, how effective it would be.

Google Nest cameras are designed to be easy to set up and use. They come with clear instructions and don’t require any special skills or knowledge to install. However, because they’re designed for home automation, some features that would be useful for security purposes, like two-way audio or cloud storage, are not available.

Still, Google Nest cameras can be used as part of a security system. They offer good image quality and can be integrated with other Nest products like the Nest Hub Max to create a comprehensive security solution. But because they lack some key features, they may not be the best choice for everyone.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can Google Nest be used as a security camera?

  2. The bad: Nest Camera an added-on afterthought Basically, the display’s built-in camera can be used as a security camera for remote video monitoring, complete with live alerts for your phone when it detects motion.30 Sept 2019 [1]

  3. How do I use Google as a security camera?

  4. If you still can’t find the camera, follow the steps below.Open the Google Home app .Verify that the Google Account shown is the one linked to your speaker or display. .. Verify that the home listed is the one you want to pair your security camera to. .. At the top left, tap Add Set up device.More items.. [2]

  5. Do Nest cameras record all the time?

  6. Nest’s 24/7 continuous video recording feature allows users to use their Nest cameras to record at all times. However, this feature is only accessible to users with a Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus subscription, which starts at $6 per month or $60 per year.31 Aug 2020 [3]

  7. Is Nest being discontinued?

  8. Last year, Google announced it would discontinue the Nest Secure, its only security system.1 Nov 2021 [4]

  9. Do nest cameras work without WiFi?

  10. A nest camera does require wifi or an internet connection to work. If your WiFi is dead or inconsistent, then your Google Nest camera won’t function properly.21 Mar 2022 [5]

  11. Is a Nest Cam worth it?

  12. As far as outdoor security cameras go, the Google Nest Cam Outdoor is one of the best. It has just about everything you could possibly want or need in an outdoor camera, including HD video, two-way audio, night vision, familiar face detection, and a 24/7 recording option. [6]

  13. Is Google Nest free to use?

  14. Straight out of the box, your Google Nest camera or doorbell can stream live video in the Home app or Nest app at no additional cost. If it’s your first camera, you can also get a trial Nest Aware subscription for a limited time. [7]


Yes, Google Nest can be used as a security camera. However, there are some potential drawbacks to using it as your sole security camera. First, the camera is not always reliable. There have been reports of the camera going offline for extended periods of time. Additionally, the quality of the video footage is not always great. The camera may also capture footage of people who are not supposed to be on your property, which could lead to privacy concerns.

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