Can Blink XT be plugged in?

If you’re considering purchasing a Blink XT security camera, you may be wondering if it can be plugged in. The short answer is yes, the Blink XT can be plugged in. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before doing so.

First, when plugging in the Blink XT, make sure to use the included power adapter. Using any other type of power adapter could damage the camera.

Second, the Blink XT should only be plugged into an indoor outlet. Plugging it into an outdoor outlet could result in moisture damage.

Finally, keep in mind that the Blink XT will only work when it’s plugged in. If you need a security camera that can operate wirelessly, you may want to consider a different model.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can Blink XT be plugged in?

  2. The USB port on the back of all Blink cameras can be used with a Micro USB cable and adapter to power them, rather than using batteries. For proper safety only use 5V/1A USB power adapters. Since Mini cameras are only powered by USB and do not use batteries, a cable and power adapter comes included in the box. [1]

  3. Can you talk through Blink?

  4. Using two-way audio in the Blink app While you’re in Live View, you’ll see a round “Talk” button in the bottom left portion of the app. To use two-way audio you must press and hold on this button. Once you press the button wait 1-2 seconds, then begin speaking. [2]


Yes, Blink XT can be plugged in. There is an adapter that comes with the Blink XT that allows you to plug it into an outlet. This is great for people who want to use their Blink XT indoors or in a place where there is no Wi-Fi.

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