Are surveillance cameras legal in Australia?

Surveillance cameras are a controversial topic in Australia. There are laws in place that regulate the use of surveillance cameras, but there is still debate about whether or not they are legal. Some people argue that surveillance cameras infringe on our privacy, while others argue that they are necessary for security purposes.

The use of surveillance cameras is regulated by the Privacy Act 1988. This act sets out the rules for how personal information can be collected, used and disclosed. It also gives individuals the right to access their own personal information.

There are a number of exceptions to the Privacy Act, which means that there are some situations where surveillance cameras can be used without breaching our privacy rights. For example, surveillance cameras can be used in public places like shopping centres and parks. They can also be used for security purposes, such as monitoring ATMs or detecting crime.

However, there are still many people who argue that surveillance cameras should not be used because they invade our privacy. They argue that we should not have to sacrifice our privacy for security purposes.

What do you think? Are surveillance cameras legal in Australia? Should they be banned? Or do you think they are necessary?

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Are surveillance cameras legal in Australia?

  2. The Privacy Act doesn’t cover a security camera operated by an individual acting in a private capacity but state or territory laws may apply..Help handling a dispute.If you live inContactWestern AustraliaLegal Aid Western Australia Phone: 1300 650 5797 more rows [1]

  3. Can a Neighbour point CCTV into my garden?

  4. In terms of CCTV, it is perfectly legal for your neighbour to install their own CCTV system. However, this should not record you on your property, such as in a front or back garden, side alleyway, or front porch.16 July 2021 [2]


There is no one answer to whether or not surveillance cameras are legal in Australia. While there are laws governing the use of surveillance cameras, there is no specific law that makes them illegal. This means that the legality of surveillance cameras depends on how they are used. If you are planning to install surveillance cameras, it is important to ensure that you are doing so in a way that complies with the law.

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