Are security cameras legal in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, the law is clear when it comes to security cameras and when they can be used. Security cameras can be placed on your property as long as they are not in places where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. However, there are some restrictions on how the footage from security cameras can be used. For example, you cannot use security camera footage to harass or stalk someone.

If you are considering using security cameras on your property, it is important to be familiar with the laws in Pennsylvania so that you can ensure that you are using them legally.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Are security cameras legal in Pennsylvania?

  2. Pennsylvania Video Surveillance Laws In Philadelphia, you can legally record video in public areas without consent. However, in areas where people expect privacy, such as bathrooms or dressing rooms, it’s illegal to have video surveillance. [1]

  3. Can I put cameras in my house without my spouse knowing in Pennsylvania?

  4. Years ago, most nanny cams were only capable of recording video. Today, thanks to advances in technology, nanny cams can record video and sound. However, recording someone else’s voice without their consent in Pennsylvania is against the law. That’s because Pennsylvania is a “two-party” consent state.8 Nov 2019 [2]

  5. Is it illegal to record audio on security camera in PA?

  6. It is Not Legal to Record Sound on Surveillance All thanks to the federal wiretap law. To sum up the law, it is a federal crime to record a conversation between two employees in places like a break room or the bathroom. The only way that recording sound is legal is if one or more parties give their consent.19 Aug 2020 [3]

  7. Can I sue someone for recording me without my permission in PA?

  8. Since recording an in-person conversation or electronic communication is illegal, this activity is a felony offense. The illegally recorded party can sue to recover actual damages, punitive damages, attorney’s fees, and court cases.20 June 2017 [4]

  9. Can tenants install security cameras in PA?

  10. All tenants are permitted to install cameras throughout their homes, be they hidden or visible. That doesn’t mean, however, that tenants aren’t held to certain standards when installing their cameras.12 Aug 2021 [5]

  11. Is Pennsylvania a dual consent state?

  12. Pennsylvania is a “two-party consent state” meaning that, under Pennsylvania’s Wiretap Act, 18 Pa. C.S. §5701 et seq., recording a telephone call or conversation without both parties’ consent is illegal. You could be subject to criminal and/or civil prosecution.3 Mar 2020 [6]

  13. Can someone record you without consent?

  14. It is not illegal to record someone without their consent in a public place if they are visible and audible, especially if they don’t have reasonable expectations of privacy. But in a private setting, such as a bathroom or changing area, recording someone without their knowledge is illegal.31 Mar 2022 [7]

  15. Is Pennsylvania a one party recording state?

  16. Pennsylvania is a “two-party consent state,” meaning, generally, that both parties to a private conversation1 need to be aware of, and consent to, the recording of that conversation. [8]


Yes, security cameras are legal in Pennsylvania. There are, however, a few restrictions on their use. For example, security cameras may not be placed in certain areas, like bathrooms or locker rooms. Additionally, the footage captured by security cameras must be kept private and only shared with authorized individuals. Finally, if you are using security cameras in your home, you should let your guests know they are being recorded.

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